Vineyard/Olive Grove Establishment and Management

  • Initial Concept and Design
  • Planning and Resource Management Application
  • Build and Construction Supervision
  • Irrigation Design and Build
  • Vineyard Frost Protection Design and Build
  • Vine Selection/Olive Variety Selection and Planting
  • Vineyard/Olive Grove Management: Pruning; Spraying; Harvesting; Winemaking Liason; Olive Pressing; Under Story Management/Mowing and Grazing; Soil/Leaf Testing and Analysis
  • Nutrient Recommendations and Application
  • Vineyard/Olive Grove Staff Training and Supervision

Horticultural and Landscaping Services

Our services include: Lifestyle Block Management; Mowing, Pruning, Planting; Small Block Stock Management; Fencing; Hard Landscaping; Outdoor Fireplace/Pizza Oven Construction.

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Mobile: 0274 424 247